Droid Razr: Device Launch
Droid Bionic: Device Launch
Droid Does Site V3: Droid MainFrame
Droid SnowBot
Droid R2D2: Star Wars Special Edition Phone
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JetBlue: The "Everyone Must Go!" Sale
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Trident: A Little Piece of Happy
De Beers: A Diamond is Forever
Trident Layers: Social Media, Print & Online Ads
JetBlue: Happy Jetting
Smirnoff Ice: Tea Partay 2
Zyrtec: Love The Air
Listerine: The Big AHHHH! Moment
Sunsilk: Color Showdown
Benadryl.com: Site Redesign
Tridentgum.com: Site Redesign
Trident Smiles Across America

Fun Fact:

In his latest adventure, Tiago was partnered with Scott Padden over at mcgarrybowen NY. Together, they were known as "Roscoe & The Chief". There is a theme song written and there are talks of a TV Pilot being made, but nothing has been confirmed yet.